Cela Tega Conferences & Estero Bay Watershed

Cela Tega Conferences focus on issues in the Estero Bay Watershed.  The have been co-sponsored by Florida Gulf Coast University and the Estero Bay Agency on Bay Management.  Each conference page below contains links to the presentations from those conferences.

Resiliency and Adaptation planning in the Estero Bay Region (Dec. 2016)

Conservation Lands Economic Value Cela Tega (Nov. 2011)

Estero Bay Watershed Symposium (Sept. 2009)

Land Acquisitions Cela Tega (Dec. 2008)

Land Managers Cela Tega (June 2008)

Cela Tega is the southwest Florida native (i.e.: Calusa) term for “A view from high ground”.  We used it here to symbolize “overview”.  The term was inspired from the Carib Native North American term epopopanana meaning:

this is Meeting (Epopo) + And (ana) +Place (Pa) which in Carib syntax is  Epopopanana

For more see the Carib-English online dictionary  http://www.caribdictionary.com/

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