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screen-optionsIf you are tying to change a setting or add a feature to a post and can’t locate the option to do so, that option may not be enabled in Screen Options.  Click on the Screen Options tab at the top right corner of your WordPress screen to view all the options that are available for the function you are currently performing.  Different options are displayed depending on whether you are editing a page or post, adding media, etc.


Screen Options available when editing a page or post:



Screen Options available for the Dashboard:


Scheduling Posts for Future Publication


Many blog posts are published as soon as the content has been added.  However, did you know that you have the ability to schedule publication later for a specific day and time?


To schedule a post to be published in the future, click the blue Edit link next to Publish Immediately to set the date and time.  The time is based on a 24 hour clock.


After selecting a day and time for a post to be published, the text on the Publish button will have changed to Schedule.  Click this button and your new publication settings will be saved.

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